The Monitoring Initiative

The fatal beating of a young man in the middle of the day in downtown Athens, on camera and in front of dozens of passers-by who did not react, caused from the onset an outcry across large segments of society. Further journalistic and then pre-trial investigation of the circumstances surrounding these events revealed more details, but not nearly enough. The court and jury that will hear the case are thus called upon to shed light on aspects of the murder that remain obscure.

ZackieOh Justice Watch is an initiative that set up to monitor and record the murder trial of Zak Kostopoulos – Zackie Oh.

A team of professionals and citizen journalists, joined by lawyers and with the support of independent media, will leverage its experience from previous projects, such as live written coverage of trials of social and political interest by omniatv and the systematic recording and broadcasting of the Golden Dawn trial by GoldenDawnWatch, to record a blow-by-blow account of the process from beginning to end.

The need for monitoring of the trial stems from the fact that we believe that modern media, and communication and social networks, have greatly expanded the audience that is required to ensure the public character of a trial as demanded by constitutional law, which is considered a fundamental principle for a democratic judiciary.

The live recording of the court hearings is broadcast on ZackieOh Justice Watch’s social media accounts:



Every day, following completion of the proceedings, our summary will be posted under the category “The trial”.