Court of Appeal | Day 12: Evidence review


Date:10 April 2024
Location:1st Mixed Court of Appeals, Athens, room D120A
Access:The hearing is open to the public without restrictions.
Photojournalists are not allowed to cover the trial.
Defendants in attendance:Spyridon Dimopoulos, owner of the jewelry store
Athanasios Chortarias, owner of a real estate office
Process:Evidence review
Composition of the court:President: Alexandra Vasilakakos
Judges: Dimitrios Oikonomou, Ioanna Chatzaki
Jurors: Asimakopoulou, Athanasopoulou, Kotsopoulou, Kourou
Prosecutor: Stylianos Kostarellos

Day 12 – 10 April 2024

Evidence review

The procedure started at 09:40, with both defendants present.

The court asked the prosecution and the defense to produce the documents (including digital audio-visual files) that each side wishes to be read and reviewed by the court.

The court read the defendants’ pretrial motions regarding histology and toxicology tests on the victim, reports, forensic reports and other related documents.

Commenting on the above group of documents that were read, advocate Anagnostopoulos (Dimopoulos’ defense) claimed that the medical examiners Kalogrias and Marianou arrived at the cause of death stated in their conclusion via “reductio ad absurdum”, while he noted the distinction between wounds from a blunt organ and from a human arm or leg. Advocate Glykas (Chortarias’s defense) verbally repeated his request to find the victim’s “medical file” from hospitals he had visited.

Documents continued to be read and commented on, such as additional histological examination, the Tsantiris report and the report of the medical examiner Alexandris (appointed by the defense side at the first instance trial).

Post-mortem photographs and an assessment of the video by a non-competent department of the Police were then reviewed and annotated. All existing videos of the case file were then viewed and commented on, including in slow motion.

Also read and reviewed: Autopsy comparison report with photographic material (of EL.AS.), report on delivery and seizure of objects, documents with the examination of objects for fingerprints and DNA, photos from the scene of the incident.

This was followed by commentary on the above documents by the defense and prosecution lawyers.

The court adjourned at 15:51 for the next hearing, 16 April 2024

The full text of our transcript from the courtroom (in Greek) :